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Why Marketers Should be Proud of Themselves: Telling the Untold Stories

Evil or angel? We all know the infamous questions about the virtues of marketing. Is marketing evil? What do marketers really do? Do they brainwash people? Here is our answer: today’s digital age marketers are real heroes. And here is why.

Long gone are the days where gigantic multinationals used to implement their “push” marketing strategies to us as consumers. Over the huge billboards, tv ads, etc. Well, some may still continue doing this. But consumers have learned how to avoid them and not devote their precious time and attention.

We’ll tell you what marketers do today. Today's marketers tell the untold stories to the people who want to listen. They find their niche audience through the internet and social media who want to be part of a company’s journey. These people want to come onboard, be part of a vision, a dream, an adventure… And marketers deliver a promise to those groups of people, to the people who believe in them and want absolutely the best products or services from them.

And the interesting fact is that, you can now find your kind of people, your niche audience from all around the world and connect with them anytime and anywhere in seconds with much smaller budgets. So, you are no longer limited only to the people in your local town who are exposed to your super expensive billboard ad at the bus stop. We can now launch highly segmented and targeted online advertising campaigns with only a fraction of the traditional advertising costs. Or we can even organically share a vision, a dream with our audience at zero cost. All thanks to social media.

We take enormous pride in what we do for our customers and all marketers should feel the same if they genuinely believe in the goodness of the products and services they are selling. We have customers with such amazing values and products. There are no words to describe the joy we are getting by helping these customers to reach their audience and get their untold stories heard by these wonderful people from all over the world.

So, go ahead. Be great. Be proud. And continue telling the best version of the untold stories.

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